Free to Succeed in 2016

Did you know that Connecticut loses 35 people every day to other states?

We’re glad you weren’t one of them! Our state needs freedom-loving citizens like you to insist on some serious changes that can turn the tide and make it a destination once again.

Right now, a combination of high taxes, unsustainable spending and irresponsible borrowing weigh on our future. Those leaving Connecticut take $60 of income out of our state each second.

The Yankee Institute is committed to removing  government-made obstacles, so that more people can be free to succeed right here in Connecticut.

But we need your support to make it happen.

What We've Accomplished

Throughout 2015, the Yankee Institute fought hard at the Capitol to make sure that the voice of the taxpayer -- the only “special interest” that actually needs another lobbyist at the Capitol! -- was heard. Among other initiatives, we:

  • Made an impact at the Capitol by marshalling expert and citizen testimony and talking one-on-one with lawmakers.
  • Toured Connecticut providing free “replacement” t-shirts to make up for the one our state taxed off your back—while educating the public about our state’s “permanent fiscal crisis” and empowering new citizen-activists.
    Gathered and trained more than 100 people – mostly under age 35 – at the Connecticut Future of Freedom Summit, inspiring them to become leaders in the cause of freedom.
  • Published research highlighting the inflated costs of benefits for state employees and getting that information into the mainstream media narrative.

Next year, we have plans to get even more of our free-market ideas to the public, into the media discussion and onto policymakers’ agendas.

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