Say no to backroom union deals

Your school, your house and your job are all at risk because the union leaders have taken over state government. 

And it’s about to get worse. The latest budget in Hartford includes an $800 million property tax increase, $800 million in union raises, and $600 million in other tax hikes.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Email your senator RIGHT NOW and DEMAND a stop to paralyzing deals that put union bosses first.

Why you get a tax hike and state employees get a pay raise

Negotiated in secret, the current union contract for state employee benefits dates back to 1997.

A lot has changed since then. (Remember AOL?) But not union benefits.

Contact your senator and ask them to bring Connecticut’s union contracts into the 21st century.

Tying the hands of future governors

That backroom deal would have expired THIS YEAR, but in 2011 Gov. Malloy agreed to EXTEND IT by five years. Now he’s talking about extending it AGAIN! That could tie the hands of the next two governors.

Connecticut can’t afford to make this secret deal last 30 years.

Email your senator and ask them to stand up for YOU.

Tax increases are on autopilot

State law REQUIRES union contracts to be BACKROOM DEALS negotiated in secret until they are finalized. Then lawmakers can vote on the contract, but if they don’t, the DEAL IS AUTOMATICALLY APPROVED 30 days later. That’s why lawmakers have voted on only one union contract since 1990.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We need a budget with NO RAISES, NO NEW TAXES and NO BACKROOM DEALS.

Email your state senator right now and tell them not to mortgage Connecticut’s future with yet another backroom union deal.

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