Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau on Gov. Malloy’s transportation funding proposal:

“Once again, Gov. Malloy and some in the legislature are demanding that Connecticut’s families pay more to subsidize their unsustainable spending habits. The proposal to install tolls on Connecticut’s highways, raise the gas tax, and tax our tires will just increase the already-high cost of living in our state, and burden hard-working people who already struggle to make ends meet here. After enduring two of the largest tax increases in state history, it is irresponsible for our government to take even more of our hard-earned money -- especially without offering even a single reform of the out-of-control spending habits that have driven our once-prosperous economy into this ditch.

Respectfully, the state does not deserve one more cent from its residents until it has shown a willingness to address the structural problems plaguing its finances — namely, the unsustainable employee pension and benefits that are bankrupting our beautiful state and draining resources from Connecticut’s Special Transportation Fund.”

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