Statement by Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau regarding Gov. Malloy's 2018 State of the State Address.

Although we applaud Governor Dannel Malloy’s call for “fairness” today in his final State of the State address, after eight years of progressive policies, sadly, our beautiful state finds itself worse off than it was. Connecticut finds itself with the biggest gap between the rich and poor in the nation -- and with the largest education gap in the United States. Where is the “fairness” in that?

What’s more, not only are our people and businesses bearing a heavier tax burden, they have far less to show for all they are paying. Connecticut has fallen behind the entire nation in terms of economic growth and job growth; residents have voted with their feet. In many ways, the state has spent eight years running full speed in the wrong direction.

Certainly, Governor Malloy is to be commended for paying the full cost of the state employee pensions every year of his term. But he has likewise saddled Connecticut with two extensions of the extravagant and unsustainable SEBAC contract -- effectively imposing a Hobson’s choice of tax increases or service cuts (or both!)  on our state’s people for nearly a decade to come, while seeking few of the meaningful structural reforms our state needs. .

The governor’s call for “fairness” will ring hollow so long as Connecticut’s people continue to see higher taxes fund fewer and fewer government services -- and big government unions continue to receive wage increases, benefits and pensions that the vast majority of working families can scarcely imagine.

Instead, our lawmakers should pursue policies that will create an open road to opportunity for all the people of our state.

It’s long past time for some real fairness, where all Connecticut’s people -- not just a powerful, connected special interest -- can thrive and prosper together.

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