For Immediate Release: 10/5/2017

Contact: Suzanne Bates

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HARTFORD, CT - Today, Yankee Institute for Public Policy released a comprehensive study on Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and the role they could play in empowering Connecticut’s children with access to the education they need within a budget our communities can afford.

“The state’s continued budget crisis makes it clear we will have to do more with less for Connecticut’s school children in the coming years,” said Carol Platt Liebau, President of the Yankee Institute. “We must be innovative and thoughtful in modernizing our education system so that each child in our state has access to a high quality education. Our research shows that ESAs can do that.”

“The one-size-fits-all approach to educating Connecticut’s children isn’t working for our kids or our communities,” said Liebau. “As educators and parents in our communities are continually asked to do more, we have fewer resources to offer them. We can and must do better.”

“This comprehensive study offers a solution for the challenges we face as a state while maintaining the traditional independence of our 169 municipalities,” said Suzanne Bates, Yankee Institute’s Policy Director. “ESAs are a smart way to increase options for both parents and children, while ensuring that each child in Connecticut has access to a school that will best fit his or his individual needs.”

“Last year’s court decision on Connecticut’s education spending, the Governor’s insistence on shifting the state’s growing financial burdens to municipalities, and the loss of local control create barriers to academic success for our state’s children,” said Bates. “ESAs are an innovative solution, which six other states have implemented, to customize education to meet the needs of children and communities alike.”

Please follow this link for the complete study.

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