For Immediate Release: 2/12/2016
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Malloy Administration Awards Non-Union Employees 3 Percent Raises
Salaries for Managers Should Not Rise Given Deficit, Layoffs

Feb. 12 –Gov. Dannel Malloy and his administration quietly approved 3 percent raises for non-union state employees in December. The increases will take effect on March 4.

“Connecticut state employees already earn at least 25 percent more than non-government workers doing the same job,” said Carol Platt Liebau, president of the Yankee Institute. “Providing unnecessary raises only increases that unfairness.”

“Gov. Malloy has said he is willing to make much-needed cuts and reorganize the state workforce with an eye toward efficiency. We urge him to continue down that path instead of offering more voluntary raises,” Liebau said.

Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Melody Currey signed the documents granting the raises on Dec. 17. Office of Policy and Management Secretary Benjamin Barnes signed the documents on Dec. 18.

  • Item No. 2267-E Increases minimum and maximum pay rates for some employees within the Division of Criminal Justice
  • Item No. 2268-E Increases salaries for some employees within the Division of Criminal Justice
  • Item No. 2269-E Increases minimum rates, maximum rates and salaries for managerial employees, executive secretaries and other employees.
  • Item No. 2270-E Outlines the protocol for increases.

View an archive of all state employee compensation plans, including the new ones taking effect in March, here:

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