Yankee Institute President Calls Out Budget Committee

The Yankee Institute issued the following statement in response to lawmakers’ proposed plan to redefine state spending.

“The lawmakers who came up with this budget should be ashamed that they’re playing tricks with the people’s money,” said Carol Platt Liebau, Yankee Institute president. “Connecticut families can’t balance their budgets by declaring that they’re moving their expenses off their budget; our legislature shouldn’t be able to do that either.”

“The governor’s new tax increases are bad enough. For the legislature to call for even more tax increases than the governor did is simply outrageous,” Liebau said.

Earlier today the Yankee Institute released a policy brief outlining the legal risks that come with violating the spending cap. Without a vote by three-fifths of Connecticut lawmakers to redefine the spending cap, this budget would be legally questionable. Any taxpayer who paid more in taxes because of this new spending could challenge the tax increase in court.

Read the policy brief here: https://www.yankeeinstitute.org/2015/04/lawmakers-can-avoid-spending-cap-litigation/

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