EAST HARTFORD – Fergus Cullen, Executive Director of the Yankee Institute, issues the following statement in response to the legislature’s vote last night to authorize the organization of certain personal care attendants and daycare providers:

“Last night’s vote does not affect our lawsuit challenging the legality of the administration’s forced unionization of certain personal care attendants and daycare providers.

“Observers should not make the mistake of concluding that the legislature’s action makes moot the lawsuits challenging the forced unionization of these workers. In fact, the first hearing on the case is scheduled for Monday morning in Hartford Superior Court.

“Our suits make two sets of arguments. First, we argue that the governor’s use of executive orders to implement this forced unionization scheme improperly usurped a legislative responsibility. The legislature’s attempt to sanction the governor’s action retroactively concedes that point, which we appreciate, but it does not make the original executive orders legal. The legality of all the union organizing that has taken place under the authority of the executive orders is therefore still very much in doubt.

“Our second set of arguments is that the unionization of these employees is illegal under existing state and federal law. These groups of personal care attendants and daycare providers, who are private sector employees and self-employed small businesspeople, are not subject to unionization in the first place.

“See you in court on Monday.”

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