The 2014 pension data for 46,766 retired state employees is now on

The top 6,301 retirees received pensions that effectively made them millionaires. Those pensioners received over $61,800 a year.

In order to receive that amount guaranteed annually, a retiree from a private company would have to invest $1 million dollars in an annuity.

The highest pension in 2014 was paid to retired UConn Prof. John Veiga, who received $290,355.24. An annuity that would pay out that amount would cost approximately $4.4 million. Of the top 25 pensioners, 14 worked at either UConn or the UConn Health Center.

Another 810 retirees received pensions over $100,000.

The president of the Yankee Institute, Carol Platt Liebau, said, “This data just confirms what everyone already knows. There are two classes of citizens in Connecticut: The government elite and the rest of us. It’s long past time for sensible reforms that will provide pensions for state employees that are more in line with those being received by their private sector counterparts. This is just a matter of fairness.”

The median household income in Connecticut is $69,461; 4,224 state retirees received pensions that were higher than the state’s median income in 2014.

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