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It’s a Question of Fairness

The study we released today, Unequal Pay: Public Vs. Private Sector Compensation in Connecticut, shows that state employees make an average of 25 to 46 percent more than private sector workers with similar skills and experience.

This isn’t fair, and it isn’t sustainable.

The study highlights one of the primary reasons for our budget crisis, and at the same time provides a concrete solution – it’s time to reform public sector pay and benefits.

What does your town spend per person?

Nearly half of the taxes paid by Connecticut residents are property taxes, yet many local officials don’t know how spending in their town compares with spending in other towns.

Today, the Yankee Institute released a study, Taxes at Home: A Comparison of Municipal Spending, that will help residents and local officials begin to make these comparisons.

Lawmakers Should Not Override Malloy’s Veto of Education Commissioner Rules

It is not often that we find ourselves agreeing with Gov. Dannel Malloy, but he was right to veto the legislature’s efforts to put strict requirements on who can serve as the head of the State Department of Education.

The state’s teachers unions were the primary proponents of the bill setting limits on a governor’s choice for education chief.

Connecticut’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad 2015 Legislative Session

By 1 a.m. on June 30, most of the dark-suited lobbyists had left the Capitol building, as had the cheering union sympathizers wearing purple t-shirts inscribed with the words “Fight for $15.”

In the House, lawmakers were just wrapping up the special session by voting 78-65 on the budget “implementer” – a huge, 686-page bill given to them just hours before it was called for a vote.

Budget Takes More from Middle Class While Killing Jobs

Budget Takes More from Middle Class While Killing Jobs by Suzanne Bates | Jun 1, 2015 | Tax and Budget | 0 comments As we near a vote on this year’s budget, it should be very clear to lawmakers that Connecticut residents – their constituents – do not want them to...


Sixty-three percent of Connecticut residents fear raising taxes could reduce revenue Nearly 70 percent of Connecticut voters say they’re less likely to support lawmakers who vote for tax increases this spring, according to a poll released by the Yankee Institute...

Yankee Institute Announces New Board Chairman

Connecticut’s Free-Market Think Tank Thanks Rep. Rob Simmons The Yankee Institute, Connecticut’s only independent free-market think tank, announced Thursday its board had elected Andrew R. Jones, of Westport, to serve as its new board chairman. Jones brings years of...

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