It’s time lawmakers voted on every government union contract.

Tell your lawmaker and the governor that it is time to listen to the will of the people!

Did you know? 124 government union contracts were approved without a vote since 1991. And that’s just not right.

Three Democratic lawmkers have demanded a vote on every government union contract be included in the final budget deal. Republicans already support more transparency on union contracts. It’s time to let your legislator and the governor know how you feel.

Why Government Union Contracts Affect All Hard-Working Connecticut Residents.

  • State government employees make 25 to 46 percent more than private sector workers with similar education and experience.

  • Connecticut pays out six-figure pensions to over 1,000 retired state employees.

  • Payments into pension plans eat up about 15 percent of the state budget.

  • Add in health care for workers and retirees and payroll and you’re talking more than 40 percent of the budget.

Let your lawmakers know that it’s time to do what’s right for all workers.

  1. Click on your district or home address in the map below to send an email to your state representative.
  2. Let them know that you want a change in state law so that a vote on every union contract is required.

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