Gov. Malloy’s expensive union concessions agreement will tie the hands of Connecticut lawmakers for the next ten years! This costly concessions package guarantees raises and layoff protections for state employees and locks in their benefit package until 2027.

What happens the next time Connecticut faces a deficit? You guessed it – tax increases and more service cuts.

The people of Connecticut can’t afford to continue down this path. Email your senator today and tell them to vote NO on Gov. Malloy’s concessions deal!

We Can’t Afford Business as Usual


Under Gov. Malloy, Connecticut has already endured two of the largest tax increases in state history. And still, this administration has refused to tackle the real problems – pensions, retiree healthcare and debt. Those three costs are fueling Connecticut’s continuing budget crises and they’re just getting bigger.

This union concessions deal will lock in pensions and healthcare costs for the next decade. That means the costs will keep going up and lawmakers will once again turn to taxpayers to foot the bill.

Contact your senator today and tell them Connecticut can’t afford ten more years of business as usual!

Contact Your Senator

Click on your location to contact your senator and ask them to vote against Gov. Malloy’s unaffordable union deal.

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