Statement by Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau on the new bipartisan budget agreement:

“All of us at Yankee Institute stand with so many others in Connecticut who are tired of being asked for more money without a definite commitment that the status quo in Hartford has changed. That’s why we have spent this year insisting that lawmakers put real, meaningful structural reforms in our state budget.

Based on the information we now have on the bipartisan budget agreement — and assuming the bill’s language accurately reflects the summaries we’ve received — Yankee Institute supports the compromise agreement. It contains important structural reforms, including a required vote on all government union contracts; limits on the duration of future government union agreements; increases pension contributions from some government workers; and includes prevailing wage reform. It enacts a strong state spending cap, as well as a bonding cap — in accordance with the long-expressed wishes of Connecticut residents. What’s more, it does not lead with significant tax increases, and even begins to change the state estate tax so that it will eventually conform with federal thresholds. Certainly, the deal is far from perfect. But it is an important start to restoring Connecticut’s prosperity — and we congratulate the reformers who remained true to their principles and battled the forces of the status quo to achieve these essential changes.”

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