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Yankee Institute offers a lighthearted look at Connecticut regulations
Yes, you read that correctly

March 16 – Sometimes a situation is so absurd you simply have to laugh – even though it’s no laughing matter. But as one of Yankee Institute’s interns discovered during a grueling assignment, a little lighthearted humor can be a powerful antidote to a stressful situation.  

As part of its Connecticut Can Work! campaign, Yankee is sharing three humorous videos offering an intern’s-eye view of Connecticut’s excessive regulation. The videos are rolling out this week on social media. [Watch the videos here.] Bernard Stamford, the Yale senior featured in the videos, also offers his insights in an article: Connecticut’s regulations are 10 times longer than War and Peace.

Seeing Red

The videos are a novel take on Connecticut’s overwhelming red tape, and they’re relevant to any Connecticut resident who must earn a living in our state.

Yankee launched its Connecticut Can Work! campaign last fall in response to the state’s dire economic situation and loss of jobs. Over the past 25 years, Connecticut has had the slowest job growth of the 50 states. When it comes to unemployment for young people (ages 25-34), the state is among the worst performers with West Virginia, Alabama and just higher than Mississippi. And just last Friday, the Department of Labor reported that in 2016, Connecticut had its worst job growth in the last seven years.

Through the Connecticut Can Work! campaign, Yankee is promoting a toolbox of 11 reforms that will make it easier to hire and work in our state at no cost to taxpayers.

The toolbox includes cutting red tape for independent contractors, people starting their careers, employers waiting for permits, small businesses and startups.

Making Headway

A previous Connecticut Can Work! video got more than 40,000 views on Facebook. “Blow the Whistle” highlighted Connecticut’s aggressive auditing of youth sports leagues. Bureaucrats have repeatedly hassled and even fined these nonprofits for how they pay coaches, referees and visiting experts.

Already this session, lawmakers have introduced dozens of bills compatible with the reforms modeled in Connecticut Can Work!

“Lawmakers are considering a number of ways to cut red tape and increase hiring in Connecticut. We hope these videos highlight the urgent need for reform,” said Zachary Janowski, Yankee Institute director of external affairs.  “We want to open Connecticut’s economy so that all of our residents have an opportunity to pursue their dreams and enjoy a good life right here.”

For a complete list of Yankee’s proposed reforms and information on how you can become involved and help get friends, neighbors and family members back to work, visit

The Hartford-based Yankee Institute for Public Policy works to transform Connecticut into a place where everyone is free to succeed.

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