For Immediate Release: 7/29/2017
Contact: Zachary Janowski
Mobile: (860) 384-5777

Yankee Institute, House Republican Leader call on Senators to save Connecticut by rejecting government union deal
Deal virtually guarantees a future of tax increases, service cuts

Hartford – With a close vote expected Monday, Yankee Institute and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides called on the evenly divided Senate to reject the tentative SEBAC agreement. The outcome could come down to a single swing vote.

“We’re asking a hero in the Senate to stand up to peer pressure and do what’s right for the people of our state,” said Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau. “This government union deal puts Connecticut on the path to continued tax increases and service cuts. And it will ultimately force more families and jobs to leave.”

“The so-called or self-proclaimed ‘moderate or conservative’ Democratic senators will determine whether future governors or lawmakers will have their hands bound when it comes to fixing our broken bureaucracy,’’ said House Republican Leader Themis Klarides. “They position themselves as moderate when it comes to these critical fiscal matters such as taxes and spending, and they have the best chance ever to do that when the vote comes up in the Senate.’’

The Hartford-based Yankee Institute for Public Policy works to transform Connecticut into a place where everyone is free to succeed.

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