Statement from Carol Platt Liebau, president of the Yankee Institute:

“Connecticut needs a budget with no new taxes, no union raises and no backroom deals. Unfortunately, the hands of elected officials have been tied for decades by union contracts promising old-fashioned benefits that put state unions ahead of Connecticut workers. Every union contract deserves a vote. Lawmakers provide needed accountability, especially since union contracts have the power to override state law. Lawmakers should think long and hard before tying the hands of taxpayers yet again. Before offering a contract extension, Gov. Malloy should end the practice of unaffordable pension promises and convert new state employees to the 401(k)-style retirement plans that almost all other workers have. Every proposal to balance the budget this year should be measured by how it improves our ability to balance future budgets, avoid future tax increases and help our state emerge from its current fiscal crisis. A contract extension without pension reform fails this standard."

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