For Immediate Release: 7/29/2017
Contact: Zachary Janowski
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Yankee Institute, Senate Republican Leader laud courage of senators mulling vote on government union deal
Outcome could turn on a single vote

Hartford – As hours tick down until the highly anticipated vote on the government union contracts Monday, Yankee Institute President Carol Platt Liebau and Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano praised the courage of the senators still considering their votes on Monday. The outcome could turn on a single vote.

“These are hard-working Democrats who in the past have shown the courage and voted what was in the best interest of the state of Connecticut. They've shown a strong resolve to divorce themselves from political pressure and look solely at the facts. I am sure their decision will be based upon what they believe is the best for the state. I know their decision, whatever that may be, is a difficult one for them and will be made after careful consideration of all the facts they have before them," said Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano of North Haven.

“We are grateful to the principled senators and representatives of both parties who have kept an open mind and been willing to consider the reasons this government union deal is a mistake for the people of Connecticut, “ said Carol Platt Liebau, president of the Yankee Institute. “These are important decisions, and we are confident that these senators are deliberating with seriousness and commitment to the well-being of their constituents.”

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