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Connecticut Borrowed $1.7 Billion for Economic Development and Its Economy Shrank

Since 2011, Connecticut has bonded nearly $1.8 billion for economic development, but the effort has produced little effect on the state’s economy.

During the seven year period from 2011 through 2017, Connecticut’s gross domestic product declined 1.6 percent when adjusted for inflation, according to figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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The Fitch Files

The Fitch Files: Connecticut woodworking company becomes victim of national pension crisis, gets sued out of existence

Mark originally wanted a union shop so that J-Con Inc. could do business in neighboring New York and Rhode Island. He contributed toward his employees’ pension fund with the carpenters union, along with health benefits and good pay.

Little did he know that this would ultimately destroy his business.

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On a Side Note

On A Side Note: It isn’t Connecticut that “sucks”…

In conceding that a House vote on a tolls bill would likely not happen this year, House Speaker Joe Arsimowicz said, “When you have people that want to paint the picture that Connecticut sucks at all costs and any new thing is going to force people out of the state, it’s a tough narrative to overcome.”


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