Stop Gov. Malloy’s Unaffordable Union Deal

Government unions want lawmakers to approve a five-year contract extension, guaranteeing their jobs, benefits and wages for another ten years, through 2027. When the state once again faces a deficit, lawmakers will have no other choice but either to cut services or raise taxes again – or both.

Connecticut is already one of the country’s highest-taxed states. These tax rates are forcing many people and small businesses to leave the state, taking families and jobs out of Connecticut.

Legislators from both political parties are concerned the Governor’s agreement doesn’t go far enough to save the state money and will ultimately lead to higher taxes which will cripple our economy.

Email your state senator RIGHT NOW and say NO to this unaffordable union deal.

Unsustainable Benefits

This deal guarantees unsustainable benefits for state unions for the next decade. For the rest of us, it guarantees budget deficits and – by limiting future options – virtually guarantees future tax increases and more service cuts.

Tying the hands of future Connecticut leaders with a backroom union deal will not solve our state’s problems; it will enshrine them in law.

Put Connecticut on the path to fiscal sanity by emailing your state senator.

Unions Want to Raise Your Taxes

State unions get to keep their expensive pensions and healthcare benefits for life, plus they get four years of protection from layoffs – just for promising not to take a raise for three years. No wonder they approved it overwhelmingly! Now unions are demanding that lawmakers raise your taxes to pay for it.

Tell your state senator to stop future tax increases by stopping this deal.

A Disaster for Taxpayers

This deal is a disaster for taxpayers. Government union leaders themselves used the fear of future deficits to lobby for the contract extension, telling their members that layoff protections will be critical at those times.

Your state senator needs to know you oppose promises Connecticut can’t afford.

Stop Making Costly Promises

Connecticut has already raised taxes and cut services. We can’t afford to make more costly promises to the government union leaders, no matter how politically powerful and connected they may be.

Rather than doubling down on supersized benefits for government workers and constant deficits – an approach largely responsible for Connecticut’s fiscal crisis – lawmakers should put the public interest before this powerful special interest, and make the reforms that will put Connecticut on a path toward sustainability. Let’s end the cycle of taxing and spending our way into deficits.

Tell your state senator that you oppose a contract extension negotiated in secret and ask them to vote no on this unaffordable union deal.

Contact Your Senator

Click on your location to contact your senator and ask them to vote against Gov. Malloy’s unaffordable union deal.

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