“Before lawmakers demand one more cent from Connecticut’s taxpayers… we respectfully ask them first to ensure that they’re spending the money we’ve already entrusted to them wisely.”

-Carol Platt Liebau at May Press Briefing at the Capitol

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Connecticut fails fiscal stress test: “substantially unprepared” for a recession

A financial stress test of all fifty states by Moody’s Analytics showed that Connecticut is unprepared should the country experience another recession – even a moderate one.

Connecticut was one of the bottom 15 states that were “substantially unprepared” for an economic downturn, which would lower tax revenue and increase state service needs to help those affected by a recession.

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New study uses Connecticut as a warning for New Jersey on the perils of pensions and raising taxes

There are only a few states that generally rank lower than Connecticut in terms of fiscal stability and outlook and New Jersey is usually one of them.

Like Connecticut, New Jersey is saddled with high taxes, major pension problems and fiscal mismanagement, but a new study released by the Garden State Initiative uses Connecticut’s history of raising taxes to solve those problems as a “cautionary tale.”

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Connecticut ranks 44th in the nation for business tax climate

Connecticut slid backwards in the Tax Foundation’s annual ranking of states based on their business tax climate.

Connecticut ranked 44th in the nation – one ranking lower than last year – and far behind Massachusetts, which ranked 22nd in the nation. Connecticut, however, did beat out New York and New Jersey.

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