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Tax Freedom Day

Thursday, May 18th 4-6pm

Due to overzealous taxation, Connecticut taxpayers work longer than residents of any state to pay their local, state and federal taxes. After working from January to May to pay all your tax bills, why not take a break and celebrate working for yourself?

That’s right Connecticut taxpayers, YOU work longer than residents of any other state to pay for our government. You’ve worked hard to pay all those taxes. You deserve a party!

Last year we celebrated Connecticut’s last-in-the-nation Tax Freedom Day with a happy hour. It’s hard to improve on happy hour, so we decided to have FOUR happy hours. Yankee staff and board members are having a usually friendly competition to draw the biggest crowd to their location.

While the specific Tax Freedom Day this year remains a bit of a mystery, we know it will be in May and likely to remain the worst in the nation. We’re planning our parties for Thursday, May 18, from 4 to 6 p.m.

End of Discussion

Tuesday, May 23rd, 5 to 7 p.m.

Has intimidation replaced debate? Join the conversation with Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Benson, co-authors of the book End of Discussion.

This conversation comes at a critical time.  Connecticut lawmakers debated more than one bill this year to force government reporting of the causes that you support. At Yankee Institute, we believe that transparency is for government.  Privacy is for people.

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