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On A Side Note: Connecticut’s one-way flight into folly

It’s easy to see the rationale behind the deal. How could offering pasty-faced Connecticut residents direct flights to Ireland fail to rake in the cash?

But things didn’t quite take off as expected so now, along with buses and trains, Connecticut is subsidizing airline travel — a sort of public transportation system for the sky.

Will Connecticut be the most heavily tolled state in the nation?

Proponents of adding tolls to Connecticut’s highways often point to New York, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania in an effort to show Connecticut as an outlier, letting potential transportation revenue slip through the state.

But data gathered from the Federal Highway Administration paints a very different picture of highway tolling in other states, how it differs from what some Connecticut lawmakers are proposing, and who would be forced to pay for it.

On A Side Note: Warning! Does Not Play Well With Others

Last week Pelletier decided to lash out against the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth with an op-ed in the Hartford Business Journal and some quotes in a CT Mirror story. According to her, the commission “attacks working people” because it is daring to discuss Connecticut’s financial problems and — gasp! — look at charts and graphs.

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