Don't take it from us -- take it from the Economist.

A recent piece there finds that Connecticut merits only a "D" for its overall friendliness to small business.  That means it's better only than California, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Whooppee.

And that's just overall.  When it comes to the tax code, Connecticut fails entirely -- along with only three other states: Illinois, Hawaii and Rhode Island.  That's right: We've got a worse tax climate even than the liberal hotbeds of California and Massachusetts!

Connecticut earns the same failing grade when it comes to regulations -- a big, fat F.  We scrape the bottom of the barrel along with only Rhode Island, Hawaii and California.

Small business has traditionally been the area where new jobs are created, but that's not so much the case anymore.  No doubt the onslaught of taxes and regulations imposed by busybody bureaucrats is a large part of the reason why.

If Connecticut is ever to enjoy a robust recovery, its government needs to take its boot off the throat of small business throughout the state.

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