As a Personal Care Attendant, you may have recently received a card from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) urging you to join their union.

Protect Your Paycheck - DON’T SIGN THE CARD.

Personal care attendants take care of our most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you.

We know you’re not in it for the money.
But you deserve to keep the money you earn
– all of it – without the union picking your pocket.

SEIU wants to take up to $780 from your pay in union dues to fund the six-figure salaries of the union bosses and to pay for their political activity. That’s why they are so eager to make you members of the union.

Say no to forced unionization for personal care attendants.

Don’t Sign The Card.

Don’t Let The Union Bosses Pick Your Pocket.

Protect your paycheck. Don’t sign the card.

Say no to forced unionization of personal care attendants.

If the unions bully you or try to intimidate you -- you have a right to say no.

If you are a victim of union bullying or intimidation, contact us at

860-282-0722 or

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