YIPP Poll: Unhappy with Malloy

YIPP Poll: Unhappy with Malloy

HARTFORD – Gov. Dannel Malloy’s job approval rating has dropped to 42 percent, and a majority of voters say they would not vote to re-elect him in the wake of the legislative session that saw passage of the largest tax increase in state history, according to a new survey of likely Connecticut voters conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on behalf of the Yankee Institute.

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Voters oppose by wide margins every Malloy administration initiative tested in the survey:

• On the budget deal, 57% of voters say the new state budget agreement “spends too much and raises taxes too much,” while 39% describe it as “about as good as could be expected given a weak economy.”
• On the labor union concessions, 49% of voters say state employee unions “did not give up enough and should have been asked for more,” while 36% say “the unions did give up a lot.”
• By a margin of 60-30%, voters describe the $572 million New Britain busway project as “a bad use of taxpayer money.”
• By a margin of 56-25%, voters describe the $864 million UConn Health Center expansion as “a bad use of taxpayer money.”

Opposition to the Malloy administration initiatives is driving poor ratings for Governor Malloy. His job approval rating fell to 42%, while his re-elect rating stands as just 39%. A majority of voters – 51% – say they “probably” or “definitely” would not vote to re-elect him.

Malloy’s job approval rating trailed those of other Democrats:

• Senator Richard Blumenthal: 61% approve, 36% disapprove (net +25)
• President Barack Obama: 55% approve, 42% disapprove (net +13)
• Senator Joe Lieberman: 52% approve, 46% disapprove (net +6)
• Governor Dannel Malloy: 42% approve, 56% disapprove (net -14)

Malloy is less popular among Connecticut voters than New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (50% fav / 26% unfav) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (38% fav / 32% unfav).

In a Yankee Institute survey conducted February 20, Malloy’s job approval rating was 50% favorable, 36% unfavorable, for a net swing of -28 points.

The state employees unions considering the concessions package also lack public support. By 50%-36%, voters support laying off state employees should the unions reject the concessions package. And, by 74%-14%, voters say “state employee unions are more interested in protecting their members’ jobs” than are “more interested in the quality and affordability of public services.”

Voters were also asked the following question: “Say you have a friend who lives out of state and has a young family, but is thinking about moving to a different state and looking for a new job or starting a new business. Would you recommend that your friend move to Connecticut?” 24% of voters said yes, and 65% said no.

The complete survey, including question wording, order, and cross tabs, is posted at yankeeinstitute.org

Methodology: The phone survey was conducted on Thursday, June 9 of 500 likely Connecticut voters and has a margin or error of 4.5 % with a 95% level of confidence. The survey was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, which is associated with Rasmussen Reports. Question wording was based on public polling conducted by Quinnipiac, UNH, NBC/Wall Street Journal, Rasmussen, and Pew.

Download the poll now: MS Doc (.doc) | PDF (.pdf)
Download the poll crosstabs (.xls)

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