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Arbitrator sides with West Hartford in police union contract dispute

An independent arbitrator sided with the town of West Hartford last month in a dispute between the town and the police union over whether overtime pay can be included in pension calculations for officers who retire with 25 to 30 years of service.

The decision, issued on August 29, held that pensions for officers hired under the 2006 union contract would be calculated using “average base pay,” which excludes overtime compensation.

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Public hearing on the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities draws angry property owners

A public hearing about the practices of the Commission of Human Rights and Opportunity before the General Assembly’s investigation committee was packed with visibly angry Connecticut property owners wearing neon green stickers that read “Fair Housing Lacks Due Process.”

Bob De Cosmo, manager of Tenant Tracks, a Waterbury based tenant screening company, says Connecticut rental property owners have a legitimate grievance and a right to fair treatment by the CHRO. “We’re trying to get some fairness back into this process in housing,” De Cosmo said. “When you’re accused of violating any of the fair housing laws, you’re up against a stiff challenge to clear your name and get out.”

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Connecticut labelled ‘sinkhole state’ in report on state finances

Connecticut was labelled a “sinkhole state” and placed 49th in the nation based on its financial issues and taxpayer burden in the annual Financial State of the States report by Truth in Accounting, a government accounting think tank.

The unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities were the largest factors of debt in determining Connecticut’s ranking.

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