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Former state representative convicted of bank fraud

Former state representative Victor Cuevas, D – Waterbury, was sentenced to one year probation and a $1,000 fine for conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

This the latest in a string of incidents for Cuevas. Cuevas had previously been arrested for DUI following a 2015 car accident on 1-84.

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Unions exert pressure at state-mandated PCA orientation

Part of the orientation is a 30-minute “union-only” session of the training, during which members SEIU 1199 organizers discuss workers’ rights and the benefits of joining a union. The union then tries to get PCAs to sign union cards to join the SEIU 1199 and start paying dues.

Pauline refused to sign the card and that was when the trouble started.

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Gov. Weicker was right about one thing

Twenty-five years ago Gov. Lowell Weicker vetoed a state budget. In his veto message, he got one thing right. “We will not set employment levels and then drum up programs to make work,” he said. To this day, Connecticut doesn’t set priorities. We start with state... read more

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