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Discuss Poland’s “Changes After Socialism” with celebrated free-market Polish economist Leszek Balcerowicz Monday, Dec.7 at the Polish National Home in Hartford
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Unequal Pay

State employees earn at least 25 percent more than similar non-government workers in Connecticut, according to the latest Yankee Institute study.
Is this fair?

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The Gross Receipts Tax and Why You Should Care

As the members of the Tax Panel continue to deliberate about how to design a better tax structure for Connecticut, one of the ideas that comes up is a gross receipts tax in place of the corporate income tax.

Most of us are unfamiliar with the gross receipts tax, and for good reason. Our country experimented with the tax during the Great Depression and confirmed what economists have said about the gross receipts tax for nearly 300 years: It’s the worst.

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Agreed, State Employees Are Not The Problem

The recent op-ed in the Courant is correct on one count: state employees are not the problem.

If not state employees, then who is to blame for the seemingly perpetual state budget deficit? The problem is politicians who, and this won’t surprise anyone, made promises they couldn’t keep.

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National Expert Visits Connecticut, Explains Government Pay Problem

This week Gov. Dannel Malloy announced that he will invite Democratic and Republican legislative leadership to bipartisan budget talks, to try to come up with ways to cut government spending. This is a positive step, and hopefully the talks will bear some fruit.

In that spirit, we have an idea they can all use: Reform government employee pay and benefits.

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