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Lawmakers Should Not Override Malloy’s Veto of Education Commissioner Rules

It is not often that we find ourselves agreeing with Gov. Dannel Malloy, but he was right to veto the legislature’s efforts to put strict requirements on who can serve as the head of the State Department of Education. The state’s teachers unions were the primary proponents of the bill setting limits on a governor’s choice for education chief. The reasons the unions want these limits are clear – they don’t want someone in the top seat who will try to reform public education. The unions have stood over and over again in opposition to school reform, and to parents’ efforts to gain more control over their children’s education. This legislation is an attempt to handcuff Gov. Malloy and future governors by forcing them to choose someone based on their preconceived notion of who is qualified. Lawmakers should resist this effort, and should not vote to override the governor’s veto of this... read more

Connecticut’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad 2015 Legislative Session

Connecticut’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad 2015 Legislative Session by Suzanne Bates | Jul 7, 2015 | Yankee News | 0 comments By 1 a.m. on June 30, most of the dark-suited lobbyists had left the Capitol building, as had the cheering union sympathizers wearing purple t-shirts inscribed with the words “Fight for $15.” In the House, lawmakers were just wrapping up the special session by voting 78-65 on the budget “implementer” – a huge, 686-page bill given to them just hours before it was called for a vote. Two Democrats – Rep. David Alexander of Enfield, and Rep. John Hampton of Simsbury – joined all present Republicans in voting no on the implementer. This vote was the final action on the 2016-17 state budget; and also brought to an end the 2015 legislative session, which included a one-day special season. The final result of the session is clear – Connecticut’s economy is in much worse shape now than it was when lawmakers returned to Hartford in January. $1.8 Billion in Tax Hikes The 2016-17 budget increased taxes and fees by a massive $1.8 billion, including $500 million in canceled or delayed tax breaks. Several business leaders took the extraordinary step of speaking out publicly against the massive tax hikes for businesses in the budget. Employers are on the hook for $481 million of the tax hikes. Also hard hit were the state’s hospitals, which saw a $455 million tax increase over the two-year budget. Here is the breakdown of the tax increases: $442 million increase in the income tax, including a $163 million hike on middle income earners,... read more

Budget Takes More from Middle Class While Killing Jobs

Budget Takes More from Middle Class While Killing Jobs by Suzanne Bates | Jun 1, 2015 | Tax and Budget | 0 comments As we near a vote on this year’s budget, it should be very clear to lawmakers that Connecticut residents – their constituents – do not want them to raise taxes. They want them to cut spending. As news about budget “compromise” trickles out, it is clear that state leaders have ignored pleas not to raise taxes: The latest news reports suggest every middle-class homeowner will pay another $100 per year in income taxes. It increases taxes on businesses by $500 million over two years – a 73 percent increase. This budget ignores calls from residents and editorial pages across the state to ask state employees to deliver on $253 million in promised concessions. And this budget blows through the state’s constitutional spending cap. As we reached out to people during this legislative session to let them know about the proposed tax hikes, what we heard back was a tremendous outpouring of frustration and anger. And this was from people across the political spectrum. The message was clear: No tax increases. Cut spending. Stick to the constitutional spending cap. Here are a few actual quotes from Connecticut residents: “Connecticut residents can’t afford higher taxes! The middle class is being pushed out of the state! STOP the spending!” “Regardless of which political party we identify with, how can we continue to dive deeper into debt and expect others to pay for it through more taxes or in following generations? We need leadership who take responsibility.” “This will be... read more

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