Tax Freedom Day

Connecticut has the last Tax Freedom Day in the country.

You’ve worked hard to pay all those taxes.

Celebrate with us Friday, May 20, from 4 to 6 p.m. in Litchfield.

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Inside Connecticut’s attempt to shred the red tape

At the Department of Transportation’s training facility in Newington massive sheets of paper are taped to the walls and lined with blue painter’s tape and dotted with multi-colored post-it notes and cut-out paper stars. In the room are perhaps ten employees with the Office of Early Childhood Development. There is a table with snacks of Goldfish crackers and bottled water.

This is a Kaizen training session. Part of Connecticut’s LeanCT program aimed at making government more efficient.

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CT budget revisions only a pause in the wrong direction

The General Assembly passed a budget last week that stops driving Connecticut backward. The question is: will we take the next step and start driving forward?

Last year, lawmakers passed the second-largest tax increase in state history, just five years after the largest tax increase. This year’s budget, while not good, was at least a temporary rejection of last year’s approach. It remains to be seen whether it was really a change of direction or merely a case of election-year stagefright.

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