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Senior and elderly services dominate list of top Connecticut franchises

The top franchises in Connecticut are almost all in the field of elderly services, according to BizQuest, a business brokerage website that lists franchise opportunities for potential business owners. BizQuest’s June 10 newsletter the “Top 5 Franchises in Connecticut” listed four businesses that deal directly with care for seniors and the elderly.

The growth of these businesses in the state reflects an aging population.

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Connecticut employers often give up on unemployment appeals

Connecticut businesses drop unemployment appeals or fail to show up for hearings 40 percent of the time, according to state figures, driving the low success rate for employer appeals found in a recent association report.

Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation, a nationwide association of employers, recently reported that Connecticut employers have one of the lowest success rates in the country. Data provided by Chief Appeals Officer Ralph Dorsey shows that employers frequently decide not to follow through on their appeals, contributing to their low success rate.

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Beware of tax increases bearing promises

Imagine if Connecticut had 2.5 million people working here. That would mean nearly a million more people at work. What would be different? There would be more jobs to choose from and more options when it comes to shopping, eating or having fun. Some families that moved apart seeking opportunity elsewhere would still be together. Many new people would have arrived, bringing new ideas and opportunity with them.

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